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Black Jack ::: Kuroi Hazama
09 November 2011 @ 07:23 pm

Grey: Unfamiliarity, hatred, mortal enemies, apathetic.
Purple: Acquaintance, barely talked, mentioned in passing.
Blue: Friendly, comfortable with.
Green: Good friends, talks to a lot, would go to for help.
Yellow: Crush, best friends, interacting with regularly.
Orange: Affectionate, treated as family, very close too.
Red: Love, family regardless of blood, an unbreakable bond.

Queen of Hearts:


You have your secrets, and I have mine.

Kris Loop

I can’t fathom how you view the world so simply.


...you certainly are an interesting one.

Sanae Kochiya

Another one of those trapped here.


I don’t know what to make of who you are, much less what you are.

Irene “Larry” Vincent

Helpful, and interesting to talk to.

Suruga Kanbaru

Very interested in how much I charge, for some reason.

Vitalia Ruiz Asención

An excitable girl who is very invested in her botanical research.
Black Jack ::: Kuroi Hazama
08 November 2011 @ 09:49 pm
Permissions! C: Comments are screened again in case you would like to ask a question~

Flirting: Go right ahead! Her reactions will depend on who it is and what is said; Someone she knows very well will get away with it, and maybe even get some playful flirting back, while that drunk guy in the bar using lame pickup lines will get ignored.

Physical Affection: (Hugging, holding hands, ect.) Depends on who you are to her! Total strangers may want to refrain from randomly hugging and trying to cuddle, because she won't like it one bit. If your closer to her though, she probably won't mind.

Kissing: I wouldn't suggest it. She's not one to take a stolen kiss lightly. But with a lot of things, enough developed CR will change the game!

Sex: Requires some sort of CR development. While I can see her not totally against the idea of casual, no strings attached sex, she also wouldn't just pick a stranger off the street.

Godmodding: Please talk to me before this happens! She might be a normal human and unable to resist, I'd still like to hear about it beforehand. <3

Injury: A-Oh-Kay! Considering her dangerous line of work, it's not unexpected at all. So scrapes, bruises, and cuts ranging from "get me a band-aid" to "shit son that needs stitches" are all perfectly acceptable. Major injuries like broken bones or loss of limbs are not okay, and fall under the Godmode Powers doctrine; Please talk to me first!

Death: You need a very good reason for this, but I am not unopposed to the idea. She is only human, and has a super rare blood type, so it's more than feasible she could easily be killed. In the context of a game, she would need to be able to come back to life.

Black Jack ::: Kuroi Hazama
08 November 2011 @ 09:28 pm
How's my driving? :D

Constructive crit please, all comments are screened. <3
Black Jack ::: Kuroi Hazama
05 November 2011 @ 05:34 pm
Player Information
Name: Cari
Personal Journal: assorted_teas
Contact Info: MSN - cyberidia@hotmail.com, plurk - giraffles, email - clapforcarolyn@yahoo.com

Other Characters: -N/A-
Character Information
Name: Black Jack / Kuroi Hazama
Source Canon: Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka
Age: 26
Role In Canon: Main Character/Underground Doctor

Justification: I played her once, in a dressing room, as a regular genderswap based off a doujinshi. But I've always wondered how things would have been different if the character had been female from the start. Society does impact how boys and girls develop while they are growing up, and I think combined with someone who constantly rejects standardized society it would be a fascinating route to play out.


QUESTION: Black Jack has always been set up as an episodic series, with chapters/episodes only loosely connecting, with the exception the short anime spin off called Black Jack 21, which had a conspiracy theory plot that I will be using for the bulk of canon. Because of this stand alone nature the other anime series and the manga usually share stories, but they will deviate on how it’s told or how it ends. These differences do not usually, if ever, cause a conflict or heavily impact the main characters. Would it be alright for me to continue mixing the two mediums because they are so similar? Thank you.

Black Jack started out life as Kuroi Hazama, daughter to Kagamitsu and Megumi Hazama. Things went smoothly, with no indicated hardships or out of the norm incidents, until she was five. While her and her mother where walking on a secluded beach, Kuroi stepped on a bomb that had been buried in the sand. The blast tore her and her mother apart, and ultimately her mother did not survive her injuries. Kuroi would have succumbed as well if it wasn’t for the intervention of the brilliant surgeon Jotaro Honma, who managed to repair her body that had been thoroughly mangled. Because of this she has surgical scars all over her body and had to go through years of grueling physical therapy to be able to function on her own again. On top of the loss of her mother and painful recovery, her father left with another woman shortly after the accident. Kuroi could not forgive him for this, and it was part of the source of her ambition to become independent again; Because then, she could seek vengeance on him for abandoning her and her mother.

Another source of inspiration for young Kuroi was none other than Jotaro Honma, the man who saved her. She admired him for his skill and desire to help people, traits she also exhibited and honed. She eventually went to school to become a doctor and succeeded for a short while. However, there was an incident involving fellow classmate Kei Kisaragi. Kuroi and Kei had mutual romantic feelings for each other that went largely unnoticed and unrequited by either of them for a long time. They came fully into the light when it was discovered that Kei had late stage testicular cancer, but by then no one would risk an operation, and Kuroi was not allowed to do so because she was still a student. Kuroi refused to listen to authority however and preformed a miraculous operation to save the man she loved. Unfortunately, this huge breach in conduct caused her medical license to be revoked, and then Kei left, claiming that he could no longer live as a man as he was. This is when Kuroi truly adopted her alias of Black Jack and started practicing underground medicine.

Throughout episodes in canon, Black Jack is shown practicing medicine without a license and charging expensive fees for it, which she can get away with due to her talent. Many a time it is a gangster or a rich patron that would hire her, but it’s also been shown that she will treat anyone so long as they can pay, even offering payment plans or accepting alternate forms of repayment. Black Jack can (usually) heal any ailment, even those deemed incurable by other doctors, and can diagnose what other doctors have been baffled by. Because of her now underground business and her constant dealings with shady people, she has witnessed firsthand the selfishness of humanity and how greed and cruelty dominate. She has also been a victim in this respect, as there were multiple incidents of her being held hostage and forced to perform medical services under threat of harm and death, and she’s even been tortured by a group looking for her supposed fortune.

And here we come across the story of Pinoko, the girl who would become more or less Black Jack’s adopted daughter. There was a patient who came in with a condition called ‘fetus in fetu’, in which during a pregnancy involving twins one fetus was enveloped by the other, and grew inside them as a sort of parasite. Normally this would be a simple operation to remove the underdeveloped twin from its host, but something odd had prevented all those who had tried before from doing so. The ‘tumor’ so to speak seemed to have a sort of physic will that caused whoever was trying to remove it to go crazy and become unable to operate. This was because the second fetus living within its sister was in fact almost entirely developed, and had a consciousness that deeply desired not to die. Black Jack promised to save the unborn twin if it allowed her to remove it, and true to her word she crafted an artificial body to hold the hodgepodge of organs and organic systems in. Thusly, the pint-sized Pinoko came in to existence. She would from thereon become Black Jack’s assistant and self proclaimed ‘wife’, although she treats Pinoko as a daughter and has often referred to her as such.

In canon, there is an antihero who appears as Black Jack’s rival of sorts. Her name is Dr. Kiriko George, also known as Death incarnate, the practitioner of euthanasia who ends the lives of those suffering from incurable conditions. She is meant as Black Jack’s foil as the two of them both have hazy morals, although they both believe they are doing the ‘right’ thing, and work under the same expensive and underground concept. They often clash on how cases should be handled, sometimes reacting violently to the others presence, and will do their best to undermine the others work. Yet it is also been shown that they will work together to save someone and put aside their differences for the greater good. Black Jack has also saved Kiriko’s life on many occasions, and vice versa.

*Spoilers for the 21 Series*

21 years after the initial incident with the bomb on the beach, Black Jack receives an out of the blue telephone call from her father about him wishing to hire her. She ignores it at first because of who it is, but eventually relents and goes to met him. It turns out, his new wife that he had abandoned Black Jack and her mother for had an accident in which her face was terribly scared with burns. Kagemitsu has heard about his daughters talent, and wants Black Jack to make his wife the most beautiful woman in the world. He is now rich so money is no object, and Black Jack agrees. Right before the operation, she asks her father if he had ever really loved his first wife. He tells her no, that he never did.

The operation goes smoothly and time passes to the day that the bandages are meant to come off. Kagemitsu is shocked; Black Jack has surgically altered his new wife’s face to an exact replica of his dead wife’s. When confronted, Black Jack says that her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she would have given this woman any other face if her father had said he had honestly loved her mother, even just a little. She leaves, and returns home to find a bomb waiting for her on the kitchen table, and it goes off after a cryptic message plays. The general public, Pinoko included, are left to believe that she has died, although she does survive. Black Jack does her best to keep Pinoko uninvolved in this network of conspiracies and secret organizations she is uncovering for her own safety, but Pinoko tracks her down and ends up coming along for the ride.

It is later found that all of this leads back to the Noir Project, which had many years back consisted of a medical research team in which the members where the topmost doctors in the world. These doctors are the same ones that Black Jack has been secretly tracking down as she realizes they are interconnected. Her evidence is an old photo she found of her mentor Honma with a group of people consisting of not only her father, but of some of the most prominent doctors in the community today. The Noir Project was put together to create advances in medical science, which they did succeed in doing to some degree. One notable and plot driven accomplishment is a highly advanced artificial heart that uses the electrical charge of a mutated, extraterrestrial virus as a power source. This virus was their crowning jewel however, because it seemed to stop the aging process once injected in to a humans bloodstream. They named it ‘Blood of Phoenix’ or B.O.P for short. Unfortunately, this ‘immortality’ comes with a price, as all the recipients of the virus in the Noir Project suddenly die of various complications caused by the virus attacking their bodies. ‘Phoenix Disease’, as the condition is then named, becomes airborn and starts to affect the population of the earth.

Because Black Jack’s father was directly involved in the Noir Project, she finds out that he initially left the project because they were ignoring ethics in their medical experiments. He ran back to Japan with her mother, married, and then Kuroi was of course born. Then the Noir Project leader, Zen Matou, found him and in a ploy to get Kagemitsu to rejoin them, planted the bomb on the beach. So in order to protect his family, he left, and then lied later to Black Jack about loving her mother in an effort to continue to protect her. This revelation comes just before her father dies of Phoenix Disease, and leaves her more than a bit conflicted. Ultimately though, most of the other former members of the Noir Project also die, leaving behind only tattered family relations and a disease that threatens to kill the population of the world.

Black Jack is then left to pick up the pieces. She ends up contracting Phoenix Disease herself, and having to figure out a way to neutralize the virus. In the end she does, by using the two different versions of the virus (the original vs the one mutated through radiation) which have opposite electrical charges, for they then cancel each other out and die. This is then developed in to a vaccine which is distributed free of charge to make up for the Noir Project’s mistakes, and Black Jack continues on with her life and her underground practice.


Firstly, I changed her name a bit from the male "Kuro" to the female identified "Kuroi". I also genderswaped many of the other main players in her canon so that the relationships would still stay close to the originals. They are; Dr. Kiriko, Kei Kisaragi, and possibly some other who have one-shot appearances. Basically they are the same characters, just switched in gender to make a little more sense in this alternate canon. Please do let me know if further explanation on who and where is needed, I am more than happy to provide!

Her views on women are different too; the male Black Jack is noted to be very chauvinistic toward women, especially if they are the weak willed, woe-is-me types who make no move to help themselves. His respect seems to be limited to those with enough ambition and intelligence to provide for themselves. The female Black Jack on the other hand is not nearly as disdainful of her own gender and will often sympathize with them, because she knows how hard it is to be a woman in society. She will still resent those who are too idealistic or too lazy and spoiled to do things for themselves, but won't look down on them like male version tends to.

Her alias would be treated a little differently as well. The name ‘Black Jack’ is supposed to be a play on the male versions name ‘Kuro’ (alternatively shown in English as ‘Kuroo’ or ‘Kuroh’) which means ‘black’. The stress on the ‘oh’ sound at the end is a common occurrence for a Japanese boys name, and ‘Jack’ is a common boys name in the English language. While this still works somewhat with ‘Kuroi’, the female name which also contains ‘black’, she could have chosen a feminine name for the second part instead of ‘Jack’. Instead, she went with a masculine one on purpose so that should could market herself as a man, mostly for the sake of respect. The male Black Jack is often not taken seriously because he doesn’t have a license, and I could only imagine it would be worse for a woman in the same position. Originally the only reason for the alias was that he claimed that ‘Kuro Hazama’ had died a long time ago and he wanted to be rid of the past.


Black Jack is a cynical, sarcastic, and rude individual with a skewed set of morals, although she does have her bright points. Being an outcast for her looks and with the ensuing hostile disposition, she's developed the attitude that she doesn't need anyone but herself in order to succeed. Respecting other like-minded or strong-willed people? Yes. Trusting them with her life? Probably not, at least not until some sort of character relations have been established. She often struggles with herself as well, because the world does not operate in black and white no matter how she would like it too.

Black Jack has also been told her entire life that she can’t do this and can’t do this, due to her once debilitating injuries and because she’s a woman. She’s extremely prideful, and will not accept this kind of talk from anyone, as she has proven so many wrong in the past before. She takes a cynical view on the world and people because of this as well, because she knows firsthand how self driven and cruel people can be; Black Jack herself is out for revenge for herself and her late mother, and can and will be cruel to people to get what she wants. And it’s worth mentioning that her less than legal practice often gets her in to situations where she is the victim of or a witnesses of human depravity.

Here is where her skewed morals come in to play. She is often hypocritical, as she has taken on the new name of ‘Black Jack’ because her past self is ‘dead’, and yet she dwells on the past. On many occasion she is shown seeking her revenge or retelling stories about her youth. Black Jack is an underground doctor, one who has hurt and manipulated people, but will often take a righteous stance when she sees a horrendous crime or an unethical practice taking place. She may act as if these things don’t affect her, but they do, and sometimes she will provide her services free of charge to those she deems deserve it. On the other hand, she has been known not to help for the very same reasons.

Black Jack deliberately puts forth a persona of being cold, callous and uncaring, which is meant to prevent her from developing bonds with other people. After the incident with Kei, and her continued decent into the underworld where the depravity of man is so blatantly exposed, she believes it is better for all parties involved if no one knows she has a heart. This is not the case as over and over again it is shown she honestly cares about people and helping them. More likely than not, she’ll treat a patient knowing full well she probably won’t ever see the money they owe her, or she’ll take alternative payments; such as the one time a child gave her a pinwheel in return for reattaching his arm and leg. This is a side that is still rarely seen or recognize by people however, and her fabricated persona dominates her reputation.

Abilities: Give Black Jack ample medical resources and she can heal almost any ailment. It’s also been shown in canon that she has enough skill to pull off complicated operations in less than ideal circumstances as well. She also has a few misc. talents such as throwing scalpels with deadly accuracy and being able to play the piano.



[Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Well not this one, with her scars and scowl darkening her face.]

This is ridiculous! I don’t have time to be playing hide-and-go-seek, not when there is a patient waiting.

[Her red eyes narrow, but it’s hard to tell if it’s in contemplation or a quiet rage at her situation.]

Most people have the decency to let me know I’m needed before kidnapping me. My answering machine works perfectly fine.

Also, I don’t except jobs until I have the case charts in hand. So where, if I may be so bold to ask, is my prospective client?

[…the cats haven’t been much help on this one, and Black Jack still believes someone brought her here with the intention of hiring her. This method of “capture and threaten life to gain services” has been becoming increasingly popular, so it’s not an unreasonable assumption.]

And the more important question, how much are you willing to pay?
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